A winner is just a loser who tried one more time

I am positive proof of that statement.

Let me say, I’m not fond of the word “loser” but I’m willing to use the word in this context.

Confession time for me: after four years of pounding the pavement/internet trying to get my books published, I seriously considered walking away. I’m not proud of that revelation, but I think after awhile, the prolonged efforts in which many of us are involved start to lose their shine, don’t they? They feel cumbersome in their fruitlessness.

Until they bear fruit.

That is the simple lesson here: nothing comes easily. Nothing. There is no such thing as overnight success or instant stardom. The instances of such anomalies are so few, they’re barely a blip on the timeline of creation.

If you want to accomplish something as much as I did – for me it was becoming a published author – you must continue on that quest. Speaking personally, if I had given up on my goal of publishing a novel inspired by my experiences as my father’s Alzheimer’s caregiver, all the research, writing, and re-writing I did might have been considered a waste of time. It was a valuable and cathartic writing experience, to be sure, but its outcome – a published novel – would have never been realized.

What a shame.

The tentative date for publication of my first novel, REQUIEM FOR THE STATUS QUO, is the third week of July, 2017. (Go to my Home page for a synopsis teaser.) And I hope you will visit my publisher’s website, Black Rose Writing, and see what they’re up to. And when you do visit, please sign up for their monthly newsletter. You’ll benefit from doing so as they offer free e-books and sneak peeks throughout the year. Only one e-mail from them per month. No muss, no fuss. Not a bad tradeoff for being up to date on the publisher who chose to place their trust in me.

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