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As part of that new look I’ve added a few new features. One of those features is a Countdown Clock for upcoming events, located at the bottom of each webpage. Another new feature, Reader’s Corner, focuses on you.

My professional bio indicates:

“Ms. Olson’s writing quest [is to] open readers’ eyes while ushering support into each reader’s corner. And who couldn’t use a little more help now and then?”

Those aren’t empty words. My writing will always contain words of encouragement and support to those faced with the speed bumps life lays out before them. Each Monday a new feature will provide thoughtful words that will place me smack-dab in your corner as your cheerleader and greatest fan. 

Reader’s Corner appears at the bottom right-hand side of each page, next to the Countdown Clock and Latest News. To cut down on email updates you receive, I will not send a notification of each week’s words of encouragement but I do hope you’ll come back every Monday for some inspiration that just might lighten up your day.

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