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It’s official: as of today, I am a member of the AlzAuthors writer’s group and boy am I in good company. This is what the group is all about, the following extracted directly from the AlzAuthors website:

Our Purpose

We are AlzAuthors. In some way, each of us who have come together on this site have been affected by Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia. We share our experiences to bring knowledge, comfort, and understanding to others on this journey.

Our books were written with a common goal: To make a difference!

We hope our words might offer support while making the pathway of others traveling this road a little less painful and lonely.

How it all began

AlzAuthors was founded in 2016 by four daughters of dementia who met over the internet because of their books, and formed a friendship and a mission to create a space where caregivers can find solid support, and those who share their stories can find the proper audience. These four founders were Jean Lee, Vicki Tapia, Shannon Wiersbitzky and Marianne Sciucco.


Speaking for myself and no doubt for other family members who have cared for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, the Alzheimer’s Club is not a place in which you ever want to land. And to be truthful with you, I’m thrilled that I am a member of the AlzAuthors writers’ group but wish none of us in the group had a reason to belong. We’re writers, employing our personal Alzheimer’s experience to help others. If it weren’t for this opportunity that was created by the four founders of this group, we might feel just a bit at odds with ourselves, not being able to share so that we might benefit others.

And as my AlzAuthors badge indicates, I absolutely had to write my novel, Requiem for the status quo, because:

It just seemed to me that what I experienced as my father’s caregiver was meant to go further than the confines of my own heart and experience.

Requiem for the status quo was dedicated to my father: Don Patrick Desonier



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