Requiem belongs on your bookshelf!

Requiem for the status quo was picked up by a publisher two years ago this month. The eBook and audiobook will continue to be available on Amazon through my publisher, Black Rose Writing, until the end of 2019. I am arranging for different publishing options for the paperback version, however, and will be releasing the paperback later this year.

In the meantime, my publisher and I reduced the paperback price for the month of February so those who want to add this book to their library can do so at a discounted price. If you’re a Prime member, shipping is FREE!When I self-publish my novel’s paperback I’ll be sure to send out an announcement so you’ll again have access to the print version through Amazon once again. And of course, the eBook is still available on Amazon and will continue to be available forever and a day. (I will self-pub the eBook the end of the year.)

Let these recent reviews encourage you to get your copy today!

Gareth T. I see this book as a valuable resource for those who are not able to easily digest the more scientific type of information that would be provided on Alzheimer’s by medical professionals. This warm, relatable story gives a human side to the disease and while fictional, is an accurate portrayal of family life when a loved one is affected and could really help prepare and educate those who are looking for help and support.

Lisa B. Irene Frances Olson has written a fictional account of a family’s struggle with Alzheimer’s – an account that could not be more true for families facing the disease. The love, tension, confusion, terror and ultimate lesson of how life must go on springs from the pages of this beautifully written account. We come to understand each of Patrick, Colleen and Jonathon’s demons and how they ultimately overcome. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us Irene.

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