Requiem for the status quo discounted!

The eBook and audiobook of Requiem for the status quo will continue to be available on Amazon until the end of 2019. I am going to self-publish the paperback version through my publishing arm Words Matter Press so as of March 1, 2019, you will not be able to purchase a paperback copy for your bookshelf until Words Matter Press’s Spring 2019 release on Amazon.

In the meantime, the Amazon paperback price for the month of February has been reduced so those who want to add this book to their library can do so at a discounted price before supplies run out. If you are a Prime member, shipping is FREE! 

Let these recent reviews encourage you to get your copy today!

Patty H. Good book! Such a heartbreaking topic but the story was told in a way that you hope it will help families that have been through it or are going through it knowing there is support out there and you don’t have to be alone. While I have not personally experienced Alzheimer’s, it made me think of my parents and their own struggles with aging and the feelings of frustration I had because I couldn’t make it stop. This is a strong, compassionate story and I would recommend it to any reader for support and know you aren’t alone. Thanks, for sharing your story.

Ilya B. Requiem for the Status Quo is a compelling novel with believable characters, fluid story, and intelligent writing. Some of the passages are sad, others are funny, still others quite poignant, and all too human. I particularly enjoyed Colleen’s ability to make the right choices based on her moral compass and her unwavering devotion to her father. Requiem is a book you want to tell your family and friends about.

Bruce L. It is a distinct honor to be the first to rate this outstanding, but heartbreaking, tale of a devastating and progressive health condition, and how deeply it touches those it enfolds. The author, who has closely experienced the cruelty of Alzheimers in a loved one, has shown a great deal of courage and consummate determination in writing it. This well-paced and brilliantly written story is at once poignant, agonizing, funny in places and all-consuming. The reader will have difficulty putting it down but had best keep a box of tissues at hand. It made this hardened, former combat soldier weep like a schoolchild through much of the second half. But I feel I have emerged from this novel with greater sensitivity to the whole continuum of dementia and its emotional impact on those who must find a way of dealing with its encroachment on their lives. There are not enough superlatives in the English language to give justice to a description of this debut novel by an obviously compassionate, energetic and witty author. It is worthy of six stars.

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