Fiction meets real life

When I made the decision to write about my caregiving experiences for my father, the first genre I thought of was fiction. To be sure, there are far more memoirs written about an individual’s family caregiving experiences than novels, but I chose what arguably, at least from a genre perspective, might be the most difficult.

It really doesn’t make sense that I chose fiction because up until the point I put fingers to keyboard and typed Chapter One of Requiem for the status quo, 100% of my writing over the years had been non-fiction. Ack! What did I think I was doing, taking on a genre about which I knew nothing?

What I was doing – wonderful readers of this post – was jumping into the deep end to honor my father and help others. Plain and simple, that sums up my efforts.

Now I’ve jumped into the deep end again, this time re-releasing my paperback through my publishing arm, Words Matter Press. My eBook is still available through Amazon via my original publisher, but the paperback version is now mine-all-mine. Please purchase the eBook, I mean, it’s only $4.99 or free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, but if you’re looking to get your hands on the paperback version, I will be releasing that 2nd edition at some point this spring. I feel certain you will benefit from what you find within my novel’s pages.

Dedicated to my father, Don Patrick Desonier, who wore his disease with the dignity it did not deserve. I love you, Dad.

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