Alzheimer’s: it’s everywhere

There is never a time I mention the word, Alzheimer’s, where the person I am speaking with doesn’t say, “Oh, my (fill in the blank) had/has Alzheimer’s disease.” The most recent occurrence for me was yesterday.

I was lying on a medical procedure table awaiting anesthesia – light, conscious anesthesia. I was asked about my career; I said I was retired but that I was a published author so retirement wasn’t really applicable to me.

“What’s your book about?” I gave a brief book blurb about Requiem for the status quo, indicating that my novel was my creative treatment of my real-life experience as my father’s caregiver after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.”

The anesthesia was administered but the conversation continued unabated as the doctor told me about the fate that befell his mother.  The entire procedure suite joined in the conversation, all of us bemoaning the fact that there was yet a cure and – most likely – that such a cure would probably not be realized in our lifetimes. We aren’t being fatalistic in our assessment but without any proof to the contrary, it’s difficult to be optimistic, isn’t it?

But I am hopeful. How about you?

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3 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s: it’s everywhere

  1. I’ve had the same experience, Irene. Is it any wonder that the work of AlzAuthors continues to expand as we reach out to more and more caregivers who find themselves face to face with this disease? Thank you for all your wonderful work and for sharing your beautiful book!

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