New Year Greetings!

I am so very grateful to all who have purchased my first novel, Requiem for the Status Quo. There are millions of books out there so the fact that you chose mine means the world to me. Here’s a little update about my current life and times:

I chose not to renew my publisher’s contract and am now self-published through my dba Words Matter Press (because words really do matter). I will be producing a Requiem audiobook early 2020, sending out my book for auditions to acquire a narrator shortly after the first of the year. I have two other books in the works, one of which I will self-publish this coming year. Stay tuned for details!

I belong to an extraordinary organization AlzAuthors and I managed to master the 501(c)(3) application process so that our organization could receive the very coveted IRS determination that our mission and our purpose are recognized as being worthy of an organization that can receive donations and those providing donations have the opportunity of receiving a receipt they can claim on their income taxes. You can donate here.

I continue to provide encouragement on my blog, Living: the ultimate team sport, also known as by posting Breaking Good News each and every week, as well as other encouraging words sure to break up the monotony of the world-wide stress and disharmony that just doesn’t seem to abate.

My husband and I continue to be proud grandparents to our grandson who at 2.5 years old keeps us hopping and relishing the joy of caring for him two full days each week.

All in all, although there have been wrinkles in my life through the past year, I can’t complain too loudly. After all, Bill Bryson, author of The Body: A Guide for Occupants stated:

The miracle of human life is not that we are endowed with some frailties, but that we aren’t swamped with them.

May 2020 see you celebrating even the smallest of victories that come your way!

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