Storytelling is an Art

I’m currently auditioning narrators to produce a new audiobook for my novel, Requiem for the Status Quo. This brief post, however, is not about audiobooks per se, rather, I simply want to talk about the importance of storytelling. Very few of us will write memoirs or even novels in our lifetime, but we do have an ongoing opportunity to tell our story. 

  • We tell our story by the way we live.
  • We illustrate our story by the words we choose to say and those we wisely choose not to say.
  • We add drama to our story by demonstrating how we manage the difficult times in our lives and we provide sorrowful interludes when what transpires has a devastating impact on our well-being. 
  • We inject humor into the many scenes depicted in our lives, hopefully laughing at ourselves more than laughing at the expense of others. (I made a point of including humor in Requiem because even in the toughest of times on my father’s Alzheimer’s journey, he never lost his sense of humor, nor did I.)
  • When life serves us lemons, we either choose to make lemonade or we allow the sourness of an episode to irreparably discolor our outlook from that point forward.
  • We can remind ourselves that even when it appears more bad than good is coming our way, the truth of the matter is that far more positive than negative events fill the days we have been gifted. (As of this posting, I have lived close to 24,455 days; I’ve enjoyed my life more than I have abhorred it.)

There are a few sayings that come to my mind on this topic: I can read you like a book or Your life is like an open book. My hope is that if those statements apply to me, they will mean that my motives, thoughts, and/or actions say a lot about me, and what they are saying is mostly good. 

I try to live my days, doing the best I can  with what I’ve been given.

How about you? What’s your story?

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