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We have decided to consolidate the author’s fictional interests into her blog, Living: the ultimate team sport, otherwise known as Baby Boomers and More. This author site you’re viewing will go away very soon, but all the content related to the author’s books are readily searchable on the right-hand side of the aforementioned blog under Categories of Interest. Simply click on the dropdown menu located there, select Novel Updates and all content related to the author’s novels will populate the page. If you would like to assure notification of future posts having to do with the author’s pursuits, you can go to the blog site and either subscribe by email where indicated (email addresses are not shown publicly and will never be used as a marketing tool), or if you have your own WordPress site, you can follow by simply pressing on the blue Follow button located directly above the Subscribe prompt. Why wait? Go there now and join the numerous followers already tuned into Living: the ultimate team sport!

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